Message of the Vice Chancellor
VC   Welcome to PMAS-Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi. Being an Agricultural Institution, our main objective is to produce high quality Agricultural Scientists. Therefore, we are committed with the philosophy that we advance our farmer community by sharing positive and proven ideas and experiences. Along with Agricultural Sciences, the university offers degree programs at all levels in basic and Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities, Management Sciences, Computer Sciences and Information Technology.   The University seeks to make a major contribution to the agricultural advancement across the country. Therefore, we are dedicated to the prosecution of research across all fields of study, believing in rese . . . . read more

Vice Chancellor's Vision

VC In Pakistan, since its independence in 1947, the emphasis has been on irrigated agriculture, while rain fed agriculture remained neglected. With rapid increase in population, the irrigated areas failed to provide sufficient food requirements and it became imperative to find out ways to make use of the huge part of cultivable land in the rained region. In the 1970s, the Government of Pakistan constituted a Barani Commission to review and recommend measures for the development of rained Agriculture and uplift of the poor masses through education, research and development of technology and manpower. Pursuant to the recommendation of the Barani Commission, the Government o . . . . read more