• Ensure that you have read all the instructions given in the advertisement for the post you are applying for.
  • Before applying, ensure that you have all the required data with you.
  • Valid Mobile, Landline number and email is required for future correspondence.
  • Hard Copy of ONLINE APPLICATION form is not required.
  • Remember: You will not be considered as a PMAS-AAUR candidate unless you submit online application. Don’t forget to complete the whole procedure.
  • Process of Filling of Online application may be completed in various phases/steps. You may complete your online application in different times before closing date/time. However, If you quit at any stage, and then want to come again, you will have to come from first step. But all your previuosly entered information is safe and sound.
  • After providing all required information of online application i.e Personal Record, Education Record, Service Record, Upload your picture, CNIC and terminal degree. Don’t FORGET to click on “Apply Online” button.
  • Once you press “Apply Online” button, filling of online application phase is complete. Now, a unique Application Number will be generated and displayed.
  • Click here to proceed further